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Rescue Boggan


The most advanced, remote-rescue units.  Available in fiberglass or polyethlene.  Rescue Boggans and Snowbulance are strong, lightweight and easily towed.  A superior suspension and cushioned hitch provides a high level of patient comfort.  The hood and attendant's seat are easily removed for full access to the patient.  Units are available in ski-mounted or all-terrain wheel-mounted models.  The unit on the trailer shows the wishbone suspension system, all units come with a gas shock system now.  Equipment are truck shipped to you, please use the Get Quote button and proivde your shipping address so we can get an accurate shipping quote.  Discounts are provided on the equipment based on what is being ordered and we also pickup part of the shipping cost. 

Rescue Boggan Options:

Different aluminum stretchers
16" and 18" polyethylene back boards
Plastic ski skins
Canvas cover
ATV Conversion Kit (Assembly Insturctions)
Ski Skins

Polyethylene:  Length:  96" Width: 35" Depth: 15 1/2"


Note:  The stretcher pictured is our older models which had a problem with availability.  We now offer two stretchers, a simpler stretcher similar to the picture without the tilt feature and a full stretcher with wheels and tilt which collapses and fits completely in the Rescue Boggan.  We also have two different litters available.

Rescue Boggan with skis & suspension $3500
Composite Skis $1500
Rescue Boggan on Runners $1795
ATV Rescue Unit $2325
Ski Conversion for ATV Rescue Unit $1895
Ski Conversion for Rescue on Runners $1795
ATV Conversion Kit, Adapts to Rescue w/suspension $650
ATV Conversion Kit for Rescue Boggan on Runners $815
Canvas Cover, Passenger $165
Canvas Cover, Transport $135
Restraint Belts $85
Ski skins, set of four $195


Stretcher, litter and other rescue equipment, we have access to many other types of equipment, please contact us via phone regarding items which may not be listed.

Emergency Stretcher, emergency  transport only, no wheels $1150
Adjustable Backrest Emergency Stretcher with wheels $2250
Rescue Litter, one piece, 17.5lbs $1050
Rescue Littler, two piece, 19lbs $1250
Backboard, no straps (we have a variety $300-$625) $300
Triple X Strap System for immobilizing a spine injured patient to spine board. $255
Patient Protector $265
Ethafoam Pad for under the patient $110

Backboards and Accessories

Large picture of Rescue Boggan in use

ATV Conversion Assembly Instructions

One page PDF document for printing and reference