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Easy-install system lets you enjoy your favorite sport in complete safety!

Quality designed and built for many years of reliable service. Meets all Canadian safety standards.
Care and safety instructions

Never use petroleum-based cleaning products.

Store your Seat Jack in a dry location away from sharp objects.

The Seat Jack seat is designed specifically for recreational use.

Normal conditions of use:

Allow only one person at a time to use the Seat Jack.

Inspect your Seat Jack before each use. Ensure that all parts are properly assembled and firmly attached to the original seat. Check that the washers are screwed on tight. Replace any worn, defective, or missing parts.

Do not exceed the maximum weight limit of 175 lb. (79.5 kg) for the Seat Jack.

Note: We highly recommend that you see your authorized Jack dealer for proper installation. Industries Jack cannot be held liable for risks the user may incur by using this product.

Note: Do not attach your Seat Jack until the slides are properly installed. Otherwise, you could damage or tear the seat of your snowmobile.
Washers and black plastic knobs

Your Seat Jack comes preassembled.
Remove the lock and unscrew the four black plastic knobs about three turns.
Do not completely unscrew; pull on the slides to reinstall later on.

First remove the original seat from your snowmobile.

Attach the slides to each side of the snowmobile so that arrive flush with the rear of tunnel. The slides must be facing upward.

Reinstall your original snowmobile seat.

Slide your Seat Jack into the slides and tighten the black plastic knobs with the washers. Reinstall the lock on the back of the seat.

Adjust the backrest to the desired height using the three screws provided.

The manufacturer warrants all parts against defects in material or workmanship for one year after purchase and will repair or replace without charge any parts that prove defective under normal conditions of use (see Care and Safety Instructions above).

Product is exchangeable but nonrefundable.

In the event of a defect, contact your dealer to ensure it is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty before returning the part for repair or replacement. Use a sturdy container suitable for mailing. All return shipping and handling costs are the responsibility of the dealer or customer.

Please enclose proof of purchase, the owner's name and address, and a written description of the problem or defect.

This warranty replaces all other warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose. In no event shall the manufacturer be liable for any loss of profit or any direct, incidental, or other damage.